Shenglin Cooling is one of the toppest Data Center Cooling,Manifold in China.During these years of exporting , Shenglin Cooling now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

    Manifold in a liquid cooling cabinet is a device used to distribute and supply coolant, ensuring uniform flow and stable temperatures by connecting with the water cooling system and servers.

    In a liquid cooling system, the primary (level one) and secondary (level two) manifold are typically located at the top or side of the liquid cooling cabinet. The primary manifold is responsible for distributing coolant to individual servers or devices, while the secondary manifold collects and supplies coolant back to the cooling equipment of the liquid cooling system, such as the condenser.

    For Shenglin Integrated Water-Cooled Cabinet for Data Center, the secondary manifold in the water-cooled cabinet adopts a 1-to-20 design, with two groups of manifolds connected to the supply and return pipelines of the water-cooling system.

    After the coolant is distributed through the manifold, it provides devices with uniform flow and stable temperature. The interface between the manifold and the water cooling system uses a flange connection, while the interface between the manifold and the server uses a fluid connector, ensuring quick and reliable installation overall.

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