Immersion Cooling Solution for Data Center
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Immersion Cooling System for Data Center

An immersion cooling system for a data center is a type of cooling technology that involves submerging IT equipment, such as servers and other electronic components, in a dielectric fluid to dissipate heat. This method is an alternative to traditional air cooling systems and offers several benefits.In an immersion cooling system, the IT equipment is placed inside specially designed tanks or enclosures filled with a non-conductive coolant. The coolant comes into direct contact with the components, absorbing heat generated by the equipment and transferring it away more efficiently than air cooling methods.

Advantages of using an immersion cooling system for a data center:
Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Immersion cooling provides a more efficient cooling solution compared to air-based systems. By immersing the IT equipment directly in the coolant, heat can be dissipated faster and more effectively, resulting in lower operating temperatures and improved overall cooling efficiency.
Increased Density and Scalability: Immersion cooling allows for higher packing densities in data center racks. Since the cooling medium is in direct contact with the components, there is no need for large air channels or spacing between devices. This enables data centers to increase the number of servers and computing power in a given space, leading to improved scalability.
Energy Savings: Immersion cooling systems can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional air cooling methods. The more efficient heat transfer properties of the dielectric fluid can lead to lower power requirements for cooling equipment, resulting in reduced energy costs for the data center.
Reduced Environmental Impact: Immersion cooling systems can contribute to a greener data center operation. The reduced energy consumption mentioned earlier translates into lower carbon emissions. Additionally, the use of non-conductive coolants eliminates the need for harmful refrigerants, making immersion cooling a more environmentally friendly option.
Noise Reduction: Since immersion cooling systems do not rely on fans or air movement for cooling, they produce less noise compared to air-cooled systems. This can contribute to a quieter and more comfortable working environment in the data center.

Our single-phase immersion cooling system

Tank Size: 3.8m*2.3m*1.2mm
Tank Capacity : 96 Pcs S19
or 128 Pcs DELL C6220 Server
Tank Material: SS304
Pipe Material: SS304
Flange Material: SS304
(Specific size and material customizable)

Dry Cooler Capacity: 500kw
Oil Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 55℃/40℃.

Ambient Air Temperature: 30 ℃

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