Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)
Shenglin Cooling is one of the toppest water cooling system in China.During these years of exporting , Shenglin Cooling now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

The CDU, or Coolant Distribution Unit, is the heart of the water cooling system, responsible for efficiently distributing the cooling medium to meet the cooling demands of various applications. It ensures the stable operation of the system by incorporating auxiliary monitoring and support devices. The secondary side heat exchange unit CDU is mainly used for heat exchange control of liquid cooling heat sink systems. The system integrates the secondary side frequency conversion circulating pump, plate heat exchanger, electric control valve, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, filter, expansion tank, flow meter, online liquid replenishment function, etc. The system is pre-installed and debugged at the factory, which reduces the on-site workload.

Performance range

· Heat transfer quantity:350~1500kW


· 10-inch touch screen, multi-level authority control;

· Modular design, can be increased according to the demand;

· (Optional) Double back-up high-efficiency frequency conversion pump automatically adjusts the flow rate according to the loaded condition;

· (Optional) Dual power supply backup;

· Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and above material piping components;

· Standard Venttk liquid-cooled data center function control system, temperature monitoring, secondary side temperature control, flow and differential pressure control, anti-condensation protection, conductivity monitoring (optional), water turbidity monitoring (optional), water hardness monitoring (optional), PH value monitoring (optional);

· Ultra-quiet motor, low noise, long service life;

· Standard Modbus TCP communication protocol, rich detection, alarm and protection functions in the system, automatic protection of the setup parameters, power-down will not lose the operating parameters and alarm records;

· Provide standard communication protocol, can be customized according to customer demand for special format monitoring protocol;

· Secondary side filtration precision: 25~100 (μm) ultra-wide design range.

Our Advantages

Shenglin's innovative design enhances the performance and reliability of the water cooling system in the CDU. It features six channels that connect the main road to the secondary water separator of the water-cooled cabinet, eliminating installation and production errors with the use of chucks and rubber hoses.

The CDU from Shenglin includes a multi-stage centrifugal pump for industrial water circulation, ensuring efficient and reliable coolant flow. An expansion tank is integrated into the CDU to compensate for temperature fluctuations, maintaining consistent pressure levels and reliable system operation.

To prevent issues like oxidation corrosion, poor circulation, and cavitation of the circulation pump, Shenglin's CDU features an automatic air vent valve on the top of the makeup water tank/main pipeline. This valve efficiently removes non-condensable gases from the system.

Additionally, Shenglin’s CDU is equipped with a 150μm filter in its main path to protect the quality of the coolant, ensuring the dependable and stable operation of the entire system.

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