Evaporative Fluid Cooler
is one of the toppest single-phase cooling system,dielectric liquid cooling system,Dry Coolers For Immersion Mining in China.During these years of exporting , now has rich experience in the worldwide markets


Water-saving closed cooling tower baed on traditional closed cooling towers with finned tube air cooling modules added, so as to significantly reduce equipment water consumption and achieving the goal of water conservation. Suitable for cold weather or ater deficient areas in winter.


Water saving and mist elimination, capable of stopping spraying water at 10 ℃,antifreezing in winter, and convenient installation.

  • Stainless steel pipe 304/316L

The stainless steel components of the cooling tower have excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, making them durable with a long lifespan. They are resistant to high temperatures, high pressure, and have high strength. Additionally, stainless steel is environmentally friendly as its smooth inner walls prevent fouling, algae growth, and bacterial contamination, ensuring healthier water quality.

  • Panel

The cooling tower panels are typically made of Korean Pohang magnesium aluminum zinc-plated sheets with a thickness of 2.0mm. These panels have high corrosion resistance and maintain their original appearance even in harsh environments due to their high strength and rigidity. They can withstand large external forces and pressures.

Moreover, the magnesium aluminum zinc-plated sheets have good plasticity and processability, allowing for cutting, bending, punching, and other processing as needed to meet various design requirements.

  • Fan

The cooling tower blades are made of engineering plastics or aluminum alloy, equipped with three-proof motors for low noise and high transmission efficiency, with non-slip properties in rainy conditions.
The number of fans varies according to the model to increase exhaust area, improve cooling efficiency, and reduce fan damage.
The motor is specifically designed for use in full closed type cooling towers. It can operate continuously in humid conditions, offering high efficiency, low noise, long lifespan, and high reliability.

  • Spray Pump

The close type cooling tower spray pump features a high-quality mechanical seal that is not restricted by direction, ensuring no leakage and a long service life.
The motor is specifically designed for outdoor use and has an impeller with excellent hydraulic model design for good dynamic and static balance.
SKF bearings and EKK mechanical seals, sourced from Sweden, ensure the pump's long-term reliable operation with features such as low power consumption, low head, high flow rate, and low noise.

  • Filler

The cooling tower fill is made of high flame-retardant 100% PVC virgin material.
The water collector and air guide structure are integrated, allowing the fill to be directly suspended without the need for adhesive. The excellent structural design ensures proper spacing, even water distribution, efficient heat exchange, prevention of clogging, and easy installation and maintenance.

  • Dehydrator

The Dehydrator System uses high flame-retardant 100% PVC virgin material and features a clip-type water collector for efficient dewatering, very low drift rate, and easy disassembly.

  • Sprinkler System

The cooling tower spray system utilizes patented centrifugal spray nozzles with anti-loosening design, large aperture, low pressure loss, uniform water distribution, and resistance to clogging.

  • Electric control cabinet

The electrical control cabinet is custom-made according to user requirements, featuring international brands, temperature control systems, alarm systems, overload protection, and support for both manual and automatic control modes.
Users can freely set temperatures, and the system will automatically start and stop the fan and spray pump based on detection data.

  • Coil

The coil is designed to work in even the most hostile conditions, whether at high temperatures, high pressures, or where the environment is highly corrosive.Our cooler tubes can be produced in materials such as stainless steel as well as copper and copper alloys, to best suit the environment.


1. Data center cooling.
2. BTC miner cooling.

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