Air Conditioner For Battery Equipment Container
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Country: Indonesia

Application:data center

Cooling capacity: 36.7kW

EER: 3.96

Air volume: 12750m3/h

Refrigerant: R410A

Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz

Country: Philippines

Application: MRI room in hospital

Cooling capacity: 29.8kW

Electric heating: 11kW

Air volume: 7500m3/h

Refrigerant: R407C

Power supply: 400V/3P/60Hz

Downflow air supply

Country: Tajikista

Application: data base station

Cooling capacity: 13.1kW

Air volume: 2400m3/h

Refrigerant: R407C

Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz


Application: wind farm

Cooling capacity: 50kW

Air volume: 12000m3/h

Refrigerant: R22

Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz


  • The maximum air flow of at least 2000 m3 / h.
  • Minimum airflow is not more than 700 m3 / h.
  • Power supply 36-56 VDC (direct current).
  • Power consumption at the maximum air flow isn’t more than 300 W.
  • Power consumption at a minimum flow of air isn’t more than 20 W.
  • The power of the electric heater at least 1.5 kW, voltage 220V / 50Hz.

Technical Data


FCU should has

  • Insulated body and the valve free cooling for inadmissibility through freezing at outdoor temperatures down to - 40 ° C by the cold climate zone, and up to - 20C in the performance for the warm climate zone;
  • free cooling valve actuator with analog control, which allows smoothly change the position of the valve;
  • air filter cassette-type, folding to replace the filter element, contamination control system;
  • Mosquito protection (pre-filter);
  • The prevention of access of outside air, controlled by a signal fire system;
  • Electric heater, controlled by the controller (as an option).
  • control system aerodynamic resistance cleaning filter (air flow pressure sensors at the inlet and outlet filters);
  • FCU should has double filter which can protect BS from dust


Data centres or IT environments in colder climates.
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